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Data Security


In the 21st century identity theft is a risk for anyone with electronic devices connected to the internet. Identity theft is one of the top reported complaints to the Federal trade Commission. Any electronic device you use in your home or business can contain personal data, and if those devices are not properly disposed of, they are a potential risk for identity theft. Businesses can possibly face lawsuits if their customer info is stolen. Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin County has secure solutions for consumers and businesses to protect their data either with erasing, or destruction.


Most electronics devices contain some form of personal data, these could be username and password logins to websites, or stored social security number or copies of IRS tax returns. Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Routers, Game consoles, PDAs, Tablets, iPads, MP3 players, Cameras, Hard drives, Flash Drives, Memory cards, Smart devices, Audio Video equipment and much more can possible contain personal information.


Goodwill protects user data with secure data destruction or physical destruction of the electronic. All electronics devices resold on our Retail, Online, or Outlet channels will have its data erased for free. Any electronic not meeting our requirement will be securely recycled. All our staff go through a background check. We respect your donation and use Department of Defense 7 pass wipe, NIST 800-88 secure erase or manufacturer factory erase on all electronic devices. We maximize the value of the electronics with secure data destruction to help support our Mission of creating jobs.


Goodwill offers a fee based on-site Hard Drive Destruction service using a custom 12,000 pound crushing machine to punch a hole onto the hard drives. This service is provided at your site, it includes Hard Drive serial number tracking, and a certificate of destruction. The crushed hard drives will then travel to our R2 and E-steward certified vendor to be further shredded into 2 inch pieces for recycling. Email for more information. If your company requires HIPAA or NAID compliance, or have large volumes of hard drives to destroy we offer discounted services with certified partners to manage those requirements.


Goodwill protects its donor’s personal information with secure data erasing or device destruction. Goodwill services are convenient, secure and low cost. All services support our Mission to create solutions to poverty through the business we operate.


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